Parent with Minor Children Policy

Policy:Parents with Minor Children


Dear Guest with minor children,

I am writing to you to ensure clarity regarding the appropriate supervision of minor children in your custody. This is prompted by the increasing number of complaints we are receiving from guests regarding minor children’s behavior in the resort and our own security department’s reports regarding activities that could negatively impact health and safety. Please know that we are aware that not all parents are having any problems in this area but we are sending this to all so that there is clarity for all regarding our policy. 

It is the policy of the resort that minors must be under the supervision of their parents and / or legal guardians at all times. Parents/Legal Guardians are responsible for the safety and welfare of their minor children and also liable for any financial penalties associated with damages caused by these children. Please be aware that some of these penalties can range into the hundreds of dollars.

Specifically, we call your attention to the following examples of unacceptable behaviors (these are representative but not all inclusive) by minor children:

  • Bullying
  • Use of foul or other offensive language

  • Trespassing on the site property of other guests or causing other guests’ discomfort.
  • Damaging trees, plants, other elements or possessions belonging to the resort or guests.
  • Playing in and on the trash disposal areas of the resort. This is a health and safety issue.
  • Riding bicycles, skateboards and other devices in an unsafe manner on the roadways and also failure to wear appropriate safety helmets. This is a health and safety issue.
  • Putting rock, dirt and other debris in the comfort stations, laundry rooms and pool facilities.
  • Illegal smoking of tobacco or consumption of any other illegal substances on the property including in comfort stations and other buildings. (Law enforcement may be contacted in these situations)
  • Parents are responsible for the behavior of any of your children’s guests, for any infractions and for any damages they may cause.
  • Noise levels should be such that they do not disturb other guests.
  • Disruptive and inappropriate behavior in the public areas of the resort including the pool (This is a health and safety issue), the club house and other public rooms and buildings.

Please be aware that our security organization and the management team have been instructed to ensure that these guidelines are followed. A single serious incident or repetitive violations of these guidelines may result in eviction.

We realize that due to the constraints cause by virus, that keeping your children busy and entertained at the resort can be a problem since we have limited recreational facilities for them. Many situations monitored by you will prevent any difficulties and complaints by other guests. In addition, we have attached maps to local parks where you and your children can experience more recreational facilities

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


Oasis Management


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 Revised 11.11.2020        

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